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Cool game. Only major thing that bugs me are the unresponsive air attacks.

Something you are too far away so the attack won't reach, other times you get hit by the enemy bumping into you although you definitely pressed the attack button beforehand.
Especially annoying in the boss fight where you don't get a hit but rather lose 2 lives thanks to enemy bumping into you and then have to wait another eternity for that asshole to finally get back within reach! >:-(

Looks very good. I'd buy this if a Linux version was available.

sound's really cool !

nice move to use the melody gameplay

what game engine is this made with if you don't mind me asking :)

This looks amazing :D!

This is a BEAUTIFUL game! Even before the updates with maps, improved graphics, and other changes. The music, controls, and story have made this one of my all time favs! If you like Metroidvanias you will not be disappointed with Finding Teddy 2 (by which I will always know it as)!